Carbon Clean

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Improved engine performance and fuel economy The CarbonClean System models P-200 and ECS 300i, known for years as the ultimate in fuel system diagnosis and maintenance equipment, introduces its newest fuel system cleaning machine. CarbonClean has got down to basics with the CarbonClean System II.

Proven Effective
Independent tests prove the CarbonClean Service improves fuel economy, increases horsepower, and reduces exhaust emissions by increasing the operating efficiency of the engine.

How CarbonClean II works
The 2-line cleaning system connects to the engine through vehicle specific adapters temporarily taking the place of the vehicles fuel supply system. The System passes a potent mixture of CarbonClean detergent and gasoline through the components of the fuel system. During the first phase with the engine off, the System removes gum, varnish and build up of other deposits in the fuel rail, injector screens, and pressure regulator areas, filtering out the contaminant's with the on-board filtering system. During phase two with the engine idling, the detergent passes through the injectors or carburetor jets and into the combustion chamber. Carbon, gum and varnishes built up in these areas are softened and removed, then passed harmlessly out of the exhaust.

The CarbonClean detergent is the safest and most effective cleaner on the market. This non-flammable detergent is safe for all engine components.

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