Power Engine Flush 

Restore your engine efficiency with the Bilstein R-2000 Engine Flush System

The Power Engine Flushing Service Promotes:

A Quieter and Smoother Running Engine
As mileage accumulates, engine parts that depend on oil for lubrication become coated with sludge. This coating reduces engine efficiency and increases engine noise. Under 336Kpa (42 psi) of pulsating pressure the Power Engine Flush System pumps the R-2000 solution through the engine. This passes over engine parts dissolving sludge deposits. Then it is vacuum extracted through a three-way filtration system.

When new oil is added to your engine after the service, oil can flow freely throughout the engine and lubricate engine parts - just as the manufacturer's original design of the engine. When the internal parts of an engine are operating correctly, the engine will run quieter, cooler and smoother.

Increased Engine Performance
Sludge build-up decreases engine performance by increasing friction and reducing the effectiveness of the lubrication system. The Power Engine Flush System removes this sludge thus freeing engine parts to operate in the way they were designed to do so. Your engine will now operate more efficiently, with more power and better fuel consumption.

Increased Oil Pressure
During the soak cycle of the Power Engine Flush System, the R-2000 solution dissolves any sludge in the oil pump and pick-up screen. A clean oil pump can now pump a greater volume of oil, transferring through the oil passageways, which are no longer restricted by sludge. 

To the right is a picture of the Bilstein R-2000 ultra fine filters which trap contaminant particals, the one on the far right is new (white) the one on the left (black) has been used, just look at all the sludge it has trapped.

Less Auto Emissions
Over time, sludge accumulates in an engine by oil detergents breaking down. As these parts get hot - even during normal operations, this sludge begins to smoulder and cause smoke inside the engine. This smoke is eventually recirculated throughout the emission control system. Emissions from the engine crank case are redirected to the engine air supply system and then expelled through the exhaust system. A lower level of sludge helps reduce tail pipe emissions.

The Power Engine Flush System by Bilstein provides the best and most efficient means in the industry for removing sludge, varnish, debris and build-up residues from internal combustion engines. The average emission reductions on the vehicles tested by Bilstein were:


Carbon Monoxide -24.0%

Hydrocarbons -15.8%

Nitrogen Oxide -2.73%

The emission reductions from the oil flushing service improves air flow and the reductions of particulates, which would otherwise contribute to engine friction.

Longer Engine Life
Friction causes engine wear and reduces the life of an engine. The Power Engine Flush System removes sludge and debris leaving the engine clean. The new oil can now lubricate the moving parts effectively reducing friction and heat which results in less engine wear.

1 Heated R-2000 Engine Flush solution is pumped through the oil filter port at 42 PSI.

2 R-2000 Engine Flush solution flows through the engine's lubrication system dissolving sludge and varnish.

3 R-2000 Engine Flush solution backflushes the oil pump pickup screen. Dissolved sludge, varnish and debris flow to the oil pan where it is vacuum extracted to the BILSTEIN R-2000 Engine Flush Machine. Particulates over 3 microns are removed through three stages of ultra-fine filtration.

When Should You Use It?

Every 20,000KM or once a year

After a New Vehicle "Break-in" period

After late or infrequent oil changes

After head gasket repairs to remove water contamination

When radiators, radiator hoses or thermostats are replaced due to overheating

When changing from regular to synthetic oil

After engine flooding

Before emissions testing

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Certain images on this page and the About Us page have been obtained from the Bilstein website, please visit their site at: www.motorlife.com

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